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Nexapp is a Canadian custom application development firm based in Quebec City, helping businesses build killer apps since 2014.

We’re a community of 50+ full-stack developers, UX and UI designers, Product Owners, and product strategists focused on inspiring the software development community by promoting best engineering practices as part of our DNA: CI/CD, Agile development, Lean manufacturing, DevOps, and clean code.

Our core strengths include mobile and web application development, react, react native, and iOS/Android stacks. In addition, we’re an AWS partner and able to help you with both your modern application and Cloud-Native app development.

Like most software development companies, we can deliver an end-to-end project, gift-wrapped and ready to roll – but we also love to partner with a company’s in-house development team. Part of our mission and values is to share best practices, coach, and offer tools and insight for our client’s in-house teams so they can elevate their game.

Being Canadian and located in the Eastern Standard Time zone, we work the same hours you do. Need to see us? We’re only a short flight or Google Meet away. We share your culture and work ethic while at the same time being able to offer the cost savings of working in Quebec vs. major North American markets.

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