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Northern Apex was established in 1998, as a strategic part of the Fort Wayne Indiana based Adaptive Technologies Group which was founded in 1989. The founding mission of Northern Apex was to offer an engineering team focused on automating the tracking and delivery of the critical data needed for control and management of personnel, materials and equipment. Today, Adaptive Technologies includes over 120 engineers, technicians, project managers, and assembly team members whose only goal is to make our clients more productive. We do this by offering a wide range of automation solutions and product enhancement services. We have delivered over 6000 unique projects to date and have customers ranging from medical, automotive, electronics, energy and distribution. The Northern Apex group delivers world class solutions to our clients so they can gain in profitability, market position and maintain a leading competitive advantage.

Our goal is to energize business advancement with our success driven team; delivering the best instantaneous information systems technology to help our customers gain a significant market and profit advantage. Put simply, to impress with success. Since 1998, Northern Apex Corporation has developed a reputation for innovation, customer focus, and affordability and we are recognized and respected as a pioneer and a leading integrator in the world of information management and hardware solutions including RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.

Northern Apex is your single source for a complete RFID and Auto ID solution. We understand that your requirements are changing rapidly as technology advances and improves. We focus on your needs and then deliver integrated, cost effective RFID / Auto ID systems and applications that increase your efficiencies and bottom line profits.

Northern Apex
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