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Onix-Systems is a software development team with a well-established workflow to deliver projects on time and within budget. We provide services in web, iOS and Android development and UI/UX design, and VR/AR development, with the focus on building long-term business relationships.

The company has successfully delivered more than 1,000 projects worldwide since its start in 2000 and currently employs a team of more than 350 professionals.

Onix’ teams are early adopters of cutting-edge technologies and readily accept the challenge which involves the use of innovative technologies.

We offer deep expertise in the following areas:
• iOS applications and games
• Android applications and games
• VR/AR/MR game development
• Social networking websites
• Mobile web applications (phone and tablet)
• SaaS applications
• eCommerce websites
• Security and scalability
• 3rd Party API integrations
• Emerging technologies (chatbots)
• DevOps

What our clients get:
• Technology consulting
• UI/UX design
• Software development
• Project management
• Quality Assurance
• Deployment
• Software maintenance

Why choose Onix
• 21 years of experience in software development
• 500+ completed projects each year
• 350+ talented multi-dimensional experts
• Deep expertise in 20+ domains
• Quick and easy start in 5 days
• Clients from 22+ countries around the world

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