Ozan Karakoc Design Studio

Your design partner.


OK offers top-notch and turn-key design solutions that reflect an organization’s values, differentiate its brand and persuade its clients.

By being honest and responsible, questioning the status quo, improving it if needed, respecting others, promoting principles, and caring about design as much as business.

To help purpose driven organizations reach their true design potential and to make the world a more beautiful place.

What is a ‘Design Partner’?

If your priority is to be able to think like the client, then you are a design partner. Therefore, we start our process with listening to you and getting into your mind to understand what you and your brand really need.

How is that different?

When you are the ‘Design Partner’, you don’t work for the brand, you work with it. And you don’t work for the check, you work for the future of the brand. You are always there for your client, and you are proactive.

Honest and Responsible

What is more important for us are work ethics, honesty and responsibility. If our strategic analysis shows that you don’t need a specific service, we don’t propose that to you, no matter how profitable it could be for us.

Caring For Design

Design is our true passion. That’s why we value design itself as much as we value our clients. There is no such thing as ‘good enough’. We always seek the better during our eternal creative journey to perfection.

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