Patina Pictures


I named Patina Pictures after something my first film investor said. “It’s got patina,” he said about the first screenplay we produced. Translation:

“It’s got character, soul, even a little grit.”

Today, Patina Pictures strives to find the patina within every story. Because we believe people don’t follow talking points. They follow personalities. They don’t embrace companies. They embrace company values. And they’re not scared of imperfection. Rather, people are curious when you take them behind the scenes.

And if you’re a non-actor or a camera shy CTO how do you find the patina then? No problem, I’ve got you covered. Getting great performances and soundbites, even out of the most nervous subjects –

“This is what Patina is known for.”

And how do I do it? Let’s just say I’ve studied this craft from every single angle, and have gathered a few tricks along the way.

Patina Pictures
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