Pixel Street


Pixel Street was started with a vision to build beautiful websites that engage users and guide them to take meaningful actions.

Custom-designed websites scare businesses due to the costs involved in designing, developing and making sure it’s working. The processes involved made it expensive and time-taking. Due to this, businesses usually developed a theme-based website. This resulted in poor conversion rates.

Pixel Street aims to inculcate the importance of well-designed websites and the impact it has on visitors. Digital is the way of this decade and if you’re not online, you will have a tough time competing with other businesses. So, we established Pixel Street to design great UI/UX websites that engage visitors and turn them into customers.

We started with a small team but we have been growing since and now cater to website solutions for businesses across the globe. If you want to design a website that converts, then feel free to connect with us!

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