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At Plunkett Public Relations we believe everyone, and every brand, has a distinctive voice, that every company has a compelling story. And we know what it takes to get your story told. In today’s global marketplace, it’s no longer a monologue. It’s a dialogue.

Here’s the thing: there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We tailor a strategy to best suit each of our clients’ needs. We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients – and their industries – before determining the best way to reach an audience.

While our strategy is anything but cookie-cutter, there is one constant. We always back our work up with concrete, measurable results.

Founded in 2000, and led by Sharon Plunkett, this agency offers expertise in crafting editor-friendly story angles, a long list of media contacts and relationships, and a fluid understanding of the rapidly changing media world. We’ve helped clients gain top-rate national editorial coverage in both print and broadcast and in online media outlets. And we have also helped clients keep a low media profile too!

With 25 years in the public relations industry and interfacing with media, Sharon understands the marketplace and knows what’s newsworthy.  Building a buzz, brand recognition and in turn sales, is Plunkett Public Relations’ core goal for its clients.

Plunkett Public Relations currently works with the Malta Tourism Authority, Hachette Group, Neo Financial Solutions, San Leon Energy Plc, Red Sea Holidays, Shannon Airport, Health Care Informed, Wellington Eye Clinic, and Oliver Ireland to name just a few.


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