Primafelicitas Ltd

Bleeding-Edge end-to-end Custom Blockchain Development Company obsessed with Design & UI/UX


With Alums from Stanford & LBS, with 25+ years of experience in Technology & FinTech and now 5+ years in Blockchain, PrimaFelicitas houses one of the most powerful founding teams. Started in 2013 with offices in San Francisco, London, and Delhi, PrimaFelicitas is known for following their passion for merging bleeding-edge Blockchain technology with rich creativity. This is reflected in their brilliant User-Centered designs in a range of extraordinarily complex Blockchain Applications. With an exceptionally talented Design Team, Technical Writers, and Core Blockchain Developers in a host of protocols, PrimaFelicitas is one of the most comprehensive pure-play end-to-end Custom Blockchain Development Companies. Some of their core services include:

·         Crypto Exchange (DEX & CEX)
·         Crypto Wallets & Custody
·         Crypto Payment Gateways
·         Decentralized App (dApp)
·         Token & Smart Contract
·         Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
·         Non-Fungible Token (NFT) & NFT Marketplace
·         Crowdfunding platform creation (IDO/ICO/STO)
·         Smart Contract Audit
·         Tokenomics

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