At Psych X86 we bring products out of a blue print stage. Psych X86 has been Developing across various Industries. Services that spans a range of different industries, each with a unique set of challenges. Challenges is what brings the best out at Psych X86.


We analyze cross-functional scenarios to maneuver Space Optimization, Performance, CPU, Memory and I / O Util to provide the ultimate solution to our clients given the upcoming technological advancements.

Enterprise Web Development

Our time-tested methodologies in API integrations aid us in evaluating alternatives in methods of product creation. To optimize user satisfaction, we assimilate a robust front-end architecture with seamless communication with the back-end.


To meet growing technological demands, our team at Psych works together closely to code, design and develop mobile apps compatible across various operating systems. The applications are customized by our expert developers and constantly updated given the latest updates.


We can proudly and undoubtedly call this our stronghold- our USP. We relentlessly strive towards providing users a first-class and unforgettable experience. The aim is to present your brand in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and interaction is simple and free-flowing.

We believe, there are mutual grounds on which we can collaborate.

Feel free to ask anything regarding to Psych X86 & our work.

Psych X86
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