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Rankin PR is a boutique public relations and content creation agency that grows demand for your B2B solutions. We have established relationships with trade publication editors across North America and globally. Our feature articles have been published over 10,000 times.

Our team is made up of experts with decades of front-line PR expertise. The stories we have developed have been featured on the cover of some of the most prestigious journals in the world including NASA Tech Briefs, Design World, Aerospace & Defense Technology (pictured), and Machine Design.

We specialize in manufacturing, aerospace, design, engineering, HVAC, electronics, microwave & RF, as well as other technology and industrial sectors.

It is our writing that really sets us apart. We are able to take even the most difficult subject matter and boil it down into a relatable story. Conversely, we can also take more mundane products and services and spruce them up to make a greater impact. Our editors already know and trust the content we are providing. They know we are capable of developing stories that will deliver educational and insightful content that is not overtly promotional.

We hand-select the set of publications that best targets your ideal customers. This allows you to control both the content and where the article appears.

You can expect to generate 50-80 different publications per year (print and online) which will increase your credibility, brand awareness, and inbound leads.

Our articles also deliver amazing SEO value. First, by providing backlinks to our client’s websites. High-authority backlinks are one of the top factors in the Google algorithm. Secondly, the articles appear high in the search results for many of your keywords further driving people to your content.

“Using Rankin PR, we saw our leads increase after the first article was published. I can honestly say their approach exceeded expectations,” Greg Wind, Marketing Director, MW Industries.

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