Root Policy Research

Market Research Firm in Denver, Colorado


Root Policy Research is a community planning and housing research firm, providing custom, creative and high-value analysis and strategy for our clients. We help government, nonprofit, and private sector organizations solve complex community challenges. We founded Root Policy Research to provide our clients the tools to respond to the increasingly vexing problems of housing affordability, income inequality, and access to economic opportunity. Our expert team brings more than 50 years of collective expertise in policy, economic, and community planning and research to our projects, focusing on: • Housing and Community Development • Fair Housing • Economic Mobility • Child Care and Education • Language Access • Community Engagement Our services include a wide range of studies—informed by economic theory, data and statistical analysis, and community input—that support a focused, tailored approach to community planning and development. Root Policy Research is also in the process of developing the Housing Impact Lab, a virtual workshop for collecting big impact ideas to shape housing choice decisions. Heidi Aggeler and Mollie Fitzpatrick founded Root after working as partners at BBC Research & Consulting. Root is a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) based in Denver, CO, with a national presence.

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