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We will make you look great online. Pay-per-performance based.


SearchManipulator was founded in 2010 by Silicon Valley engineers, not salesmen; and we guarantee our work.

We started off as an online reputation management company. But since that methodology is all about SEO and promoting dozens of websites to outrank a negative article, we have started utilizing our skillsets for traditional SEO of a homepage. It has been working wonderfully and we are excited to now offer SEO services as of 2020.

Your business will be found easier and outrank your competitors. You will have 5.0 stars on you page 1 to help convert leads better. And we will make your leadership team’s personal search results look professional and established as well.

We can also do auto-suggest work, where your business shows up next to prominent keywords in the search bar. And, we can remove negative auto-suggests as well.

We can also remove negative search results – Yelp listings, complaints, news articles, court records and much more.

Everything we do is on a pay-per-performance basis, so no risk to give us a try.

Give us a call today to see how we can help you, (415) 837-8371

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