We can help connect merchants of all shapes and sizes with spend-ready consumers through their mobile devices, home appliances and vehicle dashboards. Alongside our global, industry-leading partners, we are innovating at the speed of everyday life to help deliver new and higher sales for retail, restaurant and manufacturing clients. We’re making it easier than ever for consumers with an urge to buy something now, find it around the corner, skip the line and make paying in-store a distant afterthought.

Increase customer traffic and sales for our offline retail clients by connecting more consumers through search, apps and devices they use every day at home, in-vehicle and on mobile.

Atlanta-based Sionic is a leading provider of mobile and connected commerce services, leveraging alliances with partners to drive more consumers to offline retail clients’ locations. Whether through search, apps, and devices consumers use every day at home, in their vehicle, and on mobile, our Mobile Rewards Marketplace and ULink® services make it convenient to buy contactless at nearby retailers.


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