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"SpLAshPR Agency is coloring the world, one story at a time"


SplashPR Agency is a full-service PR and Digital Marketing Agency also specialized in events, headquartered in Los Angeles. We cater our services to artists, fashion designers, food & wine retailers, lifestyle-oriented companies, cosmetics, hospitality establishments, nonprofit organizations & corporations…B2B companies.

Looking to launch your brand? Organize a powerful media campaign, a special event or simply highlight your new products but you’re not sure where to start or what to do… Claire Arnaud Aubour and her team at SpLAshPR Agency will expertly advise you on key strategies and communication tips to support you effectively in your project so that you maximize your PR efforts and profitability.

SpLAshPR will help you build a strong brand identity, a positive and powerful image in order to gain precious media exposure that will eventually boost your sales.

Skills: Improve business by communication and good orientation, make the right presentation, consultant on strategy and helping people using their own skills if asked.

Specialties: Good Observer, strategic, analyzes probabilities, always find a + issue, persuasive and well oriented in sensitive cases. Great coordinator, Confident and supportive.

Event and Red carpet organizer for specific launching with sponsorship support if the campaign communication is solid and trustable or if SpLAshPR is in charge of the communication.
Artists (Painters, models, actors, directors, authors, writers & producers)
Luxury real estate

Entertainment, Film & TV

Fashion & beauty

Food & wine retailers & ambassadors

Restaurants and bars

Lifestyle-oriented companies

Hospitality establishments

Non-profit organizations and corporations



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