You’re going to need a bigger sales team


Squaredot is Ireland’s leading B2B technology marketing company. We help our national and international clients grow famous in all the boardrooms that matter. We particularly love ambitious challenger brands who aim to punch above their weight. The underdog narrative plays close to our heart.

Our 4 pillars of B2B fame will pave the way for growing brands:

  1. Get the strategy right
    First up, we shed light on every persona, every opportunity and every strategy. The insights we uncover from this discovery and research stage transforms stakeholders’ perspectives, align business goals to marketing initiatives, and informs every subsequent brief for every output.
  2. Build the brand
    We pride ourselves on producing strong visual and tonal identities for our clients’ brands and designing websites that make them stand out in the market for all the right reasons. Then we elevate their profiles across social channels. Get famous for what you sell, engage your audience and provoke recall – that’s the goal. To help with that goal, we obsess over simple and clever campaigns that deliver rational benefits with lasting emotional impact, in unexpected and memorable ways.
  3. Generate leads
    We use content marketing and inbound strategies to fuel the sales funnels. We study persona pain points and industry trends, and guided by insights, topical news and SEO, we hone the strategy, concepts, content assets and schedules, formats, themes, topics, tone and promotional plans.
  4. Win accounts
    We scan the market for low hanging fruit and sow the seeds for longer term wins. From hyper targeted ABM campaigns to broader brand building awareness campaigns, nurturing leads until they reach the sales qualified handover.
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