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SYNERGY initiated the operations by helping midsized companies and startups in building, launching, and branding its products into the existing and emerging markets using modern technology and industry-specific marketing strategies. This was all a result of our personal struggles to get one of our internal products off the ground. We saw all the issues associated with outsourcing, poor discipline, bad communication and documentation, and not having a trustworthy team. And, as a result, starting up was a painstaking process. Eventually, we created a solid team and defined a set of processes that became our “secret” to success. After realizing the challenges that our company had to get through, our goal became focused on helping other startups build and grow. Our company in the last 36 months alone has helped build 20+ companies with 100 plus digital products.

In today’s world, most startups waste 50 percent of their resources within the first year and we wanted to bring an end to that. We have helped over 20 companies in the past 4 years, and are planning on helping many more glide by the initial challenges and hardships that we had to endure.

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