We help high-impact organizations achieve big ambitions through web technology


SystemSeed was founded by two really smart guys who wanted to form a social impact agency to solve big technical problems. We stepped in to help a global charity with a difficult IT situation and have kept going from there. We’ve been learning and growing for over 10 years now and don’t have any plans to stop soon. From digital strategy to web development to tech support, we can help you!

We provide broad and deep technical expertise. Drupal is in our DNA with over 5,000+ commits to our name. It cuts your time and cost to market and is the leading open-source platform for complex sites. With 10+ years at the heart of the  Drupal community, our code is used in 1,000s of sites around the world. We have the open-source experience to meet your needs.

React and Mobile
We’ve been an industry leader in the application of React since it first appeared as the key to interactive and engaging platforms. Launching your mobile site just got easier. Using PWAs to create native mobile experiences is common practice for us.

Our Agile project approach delivers fast results for real-world testing,  ensuring that what we create with you really works for your audience.
Client results such as 150% increases in donations through new UX, demonstrate what we can achieve for you.

Awards aren’t everything, but winning the Splash Awards website of the year and best social impact site lets you know what others think of us.

Online learning and LMS
We know online learning and have even created our own open source learning management system – currently in use by WHO, Unicef, and the University of Zurich.

Social impact
We’re experts in not-for-profit technology, including campaign and donations management, content management, and contact systems.

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SystemSeed Digital Services SL, Placa de Galla Placidia, 1, Barcelona, 08006, Spain
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