Technology Partnership Group


We are dedicated to the development and continuous improvement of best-in-class technology that empowers people to perform critical government work, and to creating long-term relationships based on personalized support.

Our mission is to consistently provide our clients with quality services delivered by a dedicated team of professionals whose goals are aligned with those of the client through the completion of every project. We demonstrate integrity through the quality of our work and by adhering to the highest standards of conduct, service and software development.

Our flagship product, EnABLE™, is a robust, proven financial management software solution that helps governmental infrastructure finance and economic development agencies manage and service their federal, state, and bond-funded loan and grant portfolios and state revolving funds, and program management initiatives.

TechPG has extensive knowledge of policies and operations of a variety of highly-regulated public sector programs; comprehensive experience in the transfer, design, development, testing, training and implementation of large mission-critical automated systems; and a thorough understanding of a variety of federal and state system requirements.

Technology Partnership Group
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