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Your business should be leading the way, not falling behind. Custom software solutions aren’t a “nice to have” anymore; they’re a standard element of successful companies.
Ten Forward is an inclusive, forward-thinking group of software development experts who are committed to improving our communities through technology.

Ten Forward is a custom software and mobile app development company based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Origin story

Founded by Brian Samson in 2012, Ten Forward Consulting crafts custom software for a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to local businesses to startups nationwide.

We focus on good architecture, maintainability, quality, and timeliness, and work to create environments where success is inevitable for our employees, clients, and communities.

Our culture

Our culture is built on eight core principles: trust, positivity, teamwork, excellence, diversity, flexibility, education and balance. “Forward” is Wisconsin’s motto, and it’s the direction we’re always trying to move as a company.

Ten Forward Consulting
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