The Marketing Blender

Amplify your truth. Accelerate your growth.


We help Business-to-Business companies achieve dramatically accelerated revenue growth by using marketing & branding to maximize the effectiveness of their field sales teams.

Blender is unique because

  • We specialize in B2B.
  • We match our client’s marketing message and spend to their sales cycle.
  • We are proactive and passionate.

To help accelerate growth for our clients, we deliver the following services. We call them The 7 Fundamentals because they are crucial tools that every business needs to truly thrive.
The 7 Fundamentals

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Website
  • Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Trade Shows
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment


We envision a business world full of connection, prosperity, and meaning for all.

  • To create a domino effect of positivity in the business world every single day



Because constantly learning not only increases the impact of our work, it raises our satisfaction and well-being. We attract clients who are masters of their craft, so we must be masters of ours to help increase their influence.


Being honest and transparent leads to our best work and our best selves. This philosophy guides our interactions and the messaging we create. We dig to the core to reveal and amplify what sets our clients apart.


Mentally, spiritually, and financially, we foster growth for ourselves and our clients. By approaching the world and our business with an abundance mindset, we help increase prosperity for all. We don’t fight over crumbs, we bake a bigger pie.

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