the midnight oil group


We started the midnight oil group with a clear vision: to offer the full range of professional services of a large communications agency, with the passion, flexibility and client relationships of a boutique firm.

Many companies—regardless of size—don’t have the time or resources to employ a publicist, marketing firm, ad agency, social media specialist, brand consultant, copywriter, event designer or myriad of other professional services required to succeed in today’s marketplace. At the midnight oil group, we’ve gathered all of these services under one roof.

Not only is this strategy more cost effective, but bringing these services together streamlines the communications approach, guaranteeing a more cohesive identity and message to grow your brand and business.

The midnight oil group has worked with businesses and corporations of all sizes, across industries. From start-ups and young entrepreneurs to established brands and large nonprofits, the midnight oil group has enjoyed working with restaurants, lawyers, health professionals, musicians, personality brands, fashion designers, tech companies and retail shops. Whoever the client, no matter the phase of brand evolution, the intent is the same: build and develop the identity, refine the message and enhance the presence.

The midnight oil group
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