Present in the Manaus market since 2009, The Voice’s mission is to broadcast commercials and news in electronic media through LED panels, striving for excellence in the quality of what it broadcasts and always seeking the best return for its customers and stakeholders .

The company currently has ten LED panels, five with 40 m², one with 36 m² and four with 18 m².

It means being the best positioned company in the segment, generating value for its clientele. Its values are based on social responsibility, respect for people and the environment, public satisfaction, professional ethics, transparency in the relationship with its customers, clear communication and teamwork.

All panels have control cameras that measure the volume of vehicle traffic on each of the avenues and streets where they are installed, which allows for the quantification of the number of vehicles passing by. The software (manager and generator of the inserts) responsible for controlling the entire operation, is from broadsign , one of the largest content management operators in the world market, which proves the inserts that the client hires, with an audit that can be done to any time.

The Voice is proud to work, in perfect harmony, with more than 200 clients in the local and regional market, who are more than broadcasting contractors, they are partners; and from more than 70 advertising agencies.

It is part of the company policy to honor, sponsor and encourage various campaigns of social reach, with an educational bias, we are partners with several philanthropic institutions.

The Voice is proud of its achievements, of practicing what it preaches, of being what it is and what it still will be.

The Voice
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