Tim Hebert, after a long career as a successful CEO and leadership coach, founded Trilix with the goal of enabling clients to accelerate the growth of their people, revenue, and profitability. Over the years we have been helping organizations to do just that.

Trilix is a management consulting firm that lives at the intersection of strategy and technology. Our business consulting, technology consulting, and software development services enable clients to solve complex problems and accelerate growth. And it’s the caliber of our people that makes that possible.

Each of our business consultants have owner-operator experience leading successful entrepreneurial companies. Our technology consultants have a keen eye for evaluating technical solutions within the context of their strategic impact on an organization. And our development team creates custom applications that accelerate performance and differentiate our clients from their competitors.

We bring both left- and right-brained thinking to every engagement, allowing us to take a visionary but disciplined approach to transformation. In so doing, we help you emerge as your own business catalyst, enacting the constructive disruption you want most for your organization.

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