We stand for awesome!


“I believe that it is better to think first and do the right thing from the beginning, than not to think and do bullshit.” Andrew Sharapo | The perfectionist and CTO at Uinno

Each one of us has an engineering mindset

People make products, not agencies. Our software engineers think about how to solve business problems first. We don’t sell technology knowledge or the heads and hands of developers as others do. We find the most optimal solution and deliver a ready-to-operate product. That’s our code of conduct.

People-first & client-focused vision mix

At the heart of Uinno is a deep understanding of the core flaws in outsourcing/outstaffing companies accumulated from 8 years of experience in the IT services business. It leads us to a different approach. Since 2019, we unite and unwind intellects to deliver quality and transparent digital services ensuring clients’ business confidence.

We do not work FOR the client but we work WITH the client

When we start working together, we create your project as our own. You respect our point of view as far as our expertise is concerned.

Sometimes we refuse a client’s request. But that’s all for a reason – we’ll prevent you from making unconscious decisions on the tech side. In return, we always offer the best solution for your business

We are solely focused to solve the client’s business challenges

A global SaaS subscription-based platform, Australian government facility, global HCM ecosystem, corporate E-Learning platform – these are just a few of established organizations we’ve helped to grow.

But don’t take the above for granted. Experience it!

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