Vanguarda Comunicação


We understand that a company’s sales cannot depend only on one source of acquisition. Therefore, we work with 360º strategies that impact your customers on different platforms (Online and Offline and bring the result your company needs.

Serve as an instrument in the generation of new business and market opportunities, with the realization of the Financial Results of the Client Companies, using the Communication tools with the inherent responsibility to Publicity and Advertising, being a catalyst for the realization of the dreams of the Society in general.

To be the most reputable Advertising and Propaganda Company in Brazil; Being at the forefront and serving as a reference in the Advertising market, finding solutions that satisfactorily serve all its customers; Build a company that positively influences the lives of everyone who participates in it – Customers, Employees and Suppliers.

Commitment to its Customers; Trust in interpersonal relationships – Customers, Employees and Suppliers – ; Competence and discipline to perform the services; Humility to recognize mistakes and correct them.

Since 2006, we have been working with a focused focus on carrying out creative projects, with high technical capacity, in the search for real results, according to the profile of each client. We have planning as an indispensable item in the correct direction of a company’s communication to its audience, because in this way, we are able to overcome the challenges imposed daily by free market competition. Our team is not limited to developing jobs, it lives in constant search for creative solutions, new media and opportunities that can be used to expand the reach of the message, optimizing results. Because being in Vanguarda Comunicação is being ahead!

Vanguarda Comunicação
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