VR Synoptophore

A revolutionary mobile app designed to help you correct your binocular vision


VR Synoptophore is a mobile app developed to help you improve your binocular, 3D vision. Using the same process as a synoptohore does, it builds proper binocular vision.

Success in different areas of life – education, sports (such as basketball, football, or volleyball), and computer work – is directly proportional to proper vergence.

Precision is key to success, and in order to achieve it, your eyes should be able to perceive the world clearly. With regular training, eye vergence becomes better – bad fusion can become better, but good fusion can only become greater.

With no frightening machines involved, VR Synoptophore is yours at-home answer to the exhausting discomfort your eyes feel daily. With just a few minutes a day of use, you can put an end to headaches, low concentration, mixing up the lines while reading, as well as burning and itchy eyes.

No time or money is wasted going to a specialized institution – the greatest solution to your problems can now be in your own pocket.

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