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Are you one of the many businesses trying to grow your business by marketing online? Are you investing time and/or money in any of the following?

  • A website
  • SEO
  • Content marketing (Blogging, videos, writing case studies, free self study courses, guest blogging)
  • Paid traffic (Social media ads, Google ads)
  • Free traffic (SEO)

A client of mine was investing heavily in various social media campaigns. They came to me asking “Karen, I can’t keep up with all my social media channels. Which one should I focus on?”. I was able to analyse the value of the traffic for each source so they could see which one worked best for them. This helped them stay more focused instead of thinking they had to follow the latest social media trends.

I was managing a Google ads campaign for a client who had a high cost per click for their ads. They hadn’t thought about implementing a re-targeting campaign. I knew they would get clicks for less if they set up retargeting audiences. I was able to get them extra clicks which resulted in extra enquiries for a third of the cost they were originally paying. I want to save you time and money where possible, I know you don’t have bottomless buckets of time and money.

I offer intensive coaching sessions for WordPress, SEO and analytics. I want to show you that if you are willing to learn that you can understand things that you may have previously thought were too complicated for you.

Weider Web Solutions
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