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Description of the Company
WiNK is a software company founded in 2013 and specialized in the development of MVP – Minimum
Value Product for technology startups. In fact, technological startups often need to create a product (an app
or a web platform) called MVP, which has the minimum functionality able to generate “traction” or the first
paying customers.
WiNK collaborates with Polihub of the Politecnico di Milano and WCAP of TIM, the largest
telecommunication company in Italy. Usually these incubators offer legal and financial consultancy services, but they don’t provide an effective software development service. WiNK fills the gap and provide this service for startups who need it.

Key Persons
Domenico Pontari (Mr., Eng.) (Data Scientist & CEO) graduate in telecommunications engineering 110
cum laude. He is also director of ELIS College training school.
He is specialized in Big Data and Machine Learning, he is trainer for Codemotion about this topic and he
realized an introduction online course with Lacerba.

Mohamed Amine Nokra (Mr., Jr Eng.) (Mobile Dev & CTO) licentiate in Electronics and
Telecommunications. In 2013 he won a scholarship to participate in the Bootcamp Startup Program of the
MIP – Polytechnic of Milan. In 2017 he was a finalist at the start-up program of Intesa San Paolo and Iren.
He is specialized in Android development and in the creation of web platforms as full-stack developer.

Relevant Services and Products
WiNK created and maintains the 42 apps of CityNews, editorial group with 200 million monthly visitors. It
also provided development services for RadioRDS, Alitalia and TIM.
WiNK is also usual supplier for WeAR (augmented reality startup) for all software development services.

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