XPROMOS Marketing Mastery


Accelerate your customer journey with agile marketing validated by Fortune 500’s and everyday name brands. XPROMOS Marketing Mastery helps brand marketers and business owners drive revenue through training courses, consulting, and direct agency service.

The process begins with an Xhaustive Xploration of your brand. The goal is to define the essence and determine the brand’s relevance in the marketplace as well as helping to find your brand’s X! Factor.
The neXt step in finding your brand’s X! Factor is understanding your target audience in context with your brand. Going beyond the demographics and psychographics- how does your brand really “fit” into your targets life?
“How and where does your target audience interact with your brand?” is a question of high importance. Getting in touch with and understanding your brand’s environment is a critical component to identifying your brand’s X! Factor.

A blueprint for delivering Xhilarating results begins by determining the X! Factor, which requires an in-depth creative analysis of the brand, its audience, and the environment. Then, with the power of the X! Factor, promotions consistently deliver successful results. Why? Because it proves Xactly the right motivation to inspire your customer to connect with your brand.

XPROMOS Marketing Mastery
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