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Wow-websites, smart apps, delicious brands.


We create wow-websites, smart apps, and brands to fall in love with. What makes us different is our transparency.

Even before we engage, you may get a gist for our pricing and approach by using the Configurator app on our website.

Our commercial offer presentation already comes with a vision, structure and the perks we think will make your product deliver and impress.

We do not hide designers and developers behind project managers. Once the project is started, our clients know everyone on their team. We will keep close touch, inform on the progress, ask for feedback and even argue sometimes.

We make sure that the product we create is both made to the highest possible standards and does what the client envisioned in the first place.

We do not hold back, we go all out.

And people seem to like us for it; at least those from Awwwards, CSS, MUSE creative awards, VEGA digital awards, NYX Marcom awards, various Dev Challenges, Hackathons, and many other cool venues.

We are Zgraya.

Run with us!

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