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Zora Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Chicago. We’ve worked at and developed strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Today, we help businesses like yours navigate the digital landscape and create significant ROI at a great value. A lot of science goes into what we do. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at the thinking behind our name: Zora. Zora means “sunrise”​ or “dawn.”​ The dawning of a new age is an excellent way to describe the digital landscape. New advancements inspire us, and we love new challenges. The word Zora also expresses our love for shedding light on new opportunities for clients. Our mission is to help you stay on the cutting edge and rise to new heights. Here’s how: Analytics: Data matters! We show you how and why it matters, and we use it to help you create an emotional connection with your customers. We help you find the right customers as they travel along their consumer journeys. Tactics: We research, plan and execute campaigns in social media, email, SEM and content marketing, to name just a few. The result, a bulletproof integrated marketing communication plan. One that acquires new consumers and turns them into true champions of your brand. Optimization: This takes us back to the beginning: Analytics. We dig deep into new campaign data. We seek to validate hypotheses, or change approaches as needed. With the goal of constant improvement.

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