Amazon Search Analytics – How You Can Improve Your Selling Rate?

Amazon Search Analytics


As an online retailer, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Amazon’s search engine. You may not know Amazon’s wealth of data as part of its Search Analytics service. This data can help you improve your product listings and increase your sales rate on Amazon. In this blog post, we’ll briefly introduce Amazon’s Search Analytics and show you how to use them to enhance your product listings. We’ll also provide tips for optimizing your product pages for better searchability. Keep reading to learn more!

Amazon’s Search Analytics

Amazon Search Analytics is one of the most powerful tools in Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA). This tool provides valuable insights into potential customers, buying patterns, and competitors with regard to specific searches. It can aid you in identifying areas where your business may be losing out on sales by tracking what people are searching for.

Search analytics give you the inside scoop on how customers search for products and help you make strategic decisions. This information can be used to build an effective product portfolio that resonates with your customer more than ever!

Are You Eligible To Use Amazon Brand Analytics?

In order to be eligible for Amazon Brand Analytics, you must first fit the following criteria:

  • Your Amazon brand has to own an active as well as a registered trademark.
  • You have to be the owner of your own brand.
  • You have to be responsible for selling products of the same brand you own on Amazon.
  • You have to be a member of the Amazon Brand Registry Program.

Amazon Search Analytics

What Are The Components Of The Amazon Search Analytics Report?

The five major components of the Amazon Search Analytics Report are:

  1. Repeat Purchase Behavior Report
  2. Market Basket Analysis Item Report
  3. Item Comparison & Alternate Purchase Behavior Report
  4. Demographics Report
  5. Amazon Search Terms Report

Repeat Purchase Behavior Report

The best way to comprehend what customers want is by looking at their repeat purchases. The Repeat Purchase Behavior report provides insights into how often people buy from you and which products they tend to go back to buy again.

The report contains the number of orders, unique customers, repeat customers, and repeat purchase ordered product sales.

Market Basket Analysis Report

The Market Basket Analysis Item Report provides Brand owners information about which other products are purchased by Amazon shoppers in aggregate along with your own products. It is an essential tool for any business looking to increase its sales on the world’s largest e-commerce site by making successful collaborations with other brands.

The report contains the product ASIN, product title, and combination rate.

Item Comparison & Alternate Purchase Behavior Report

The Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior Report offered by Amazon shows the top three products that customers tend to compare to your products. The report also reveals how often customers switch from purchasing one product to another and which items they typically purchase when they do not buy from you.

The report contains compared ASIN, compared product title, compared percentage, purchased ASIN, purchased product title, and purchased percentage.

Demographics Report

The Amazon demographics report is a great way to understand who your customers are by displaying demographic data, including their age range, level of education, annual income, gender, marital status, unique customers, product sales, ordered units, and more!

Amazon Search Terms Report

The Amazon Search Terms Report gives you a detailed insight into how online shoppers find your products and those of competitors on Amazon. The information shared includes the initial keywords that led customers to buy from you or another brand and the number of clicks per conversion earned for these terms over a measured time period.

The report contains search terms, search frequency rank, click share, and conversion share.

Amazon Search Analytics

How Can Search Analytics Improve Your Product Sales On Amazon?

In today’s cutthroat world, no one can afford to fall behind in a competition for higher revenues. As such, the need and demand have grown significantly, with more people joining ranks on Amazon’s marketplace. This has led many companies to the point where they must have access to data about competitors so that if someone else achieves success, they can learn from it as well.

Here is how you can boost your sales on Amazon through data provided in Search Analytics reports:

Free Of Cost

With the aid of Amazon Brand Analytics, you can now get access to valuable data for free. With this information on your side in marketing strategies and advertising campaigns, you will be able to make more money than ever before!

No Monetary Investment Needed

With Amazon Brand Analytics and its various tools requiring absolutely no investment on the brand’s part, this is a great way for small businesses inside info without having to pay a dime!

Increase Traffic With Keyword Optimization

With Amazon Search Analytics, you can easily find out what keywords your customers use to search for products related to yours. This tool also provides relevant data on how frequently these terms appear in searches and ranks them according to their popularity. This way you will be able to reach more potential buyers through organic listing optimization and increasing traffic flow.

Marketing Strategy Selection

With Amazon Brand Analytics, you can see what your competitors are doing to promote their products and subsequently use that knowledge as a guide for getting more people interested in buying from yours. This will help you craft the right marketing strategies to increase your brand awareness within your audience so that more customers trust your brand and want to buy your products.

Developing An In-Depth Understanding Of Customer Behaviour

Amazon Brand Analytics is an amazing tool for marketers who want to know what their customer demographics are buying. Also, how often they’re purchasing it, where in the world these purchases are taking place, and under what conditions.

Get Unrestricted Access To Vital Information

You can also identify what words and phrases drive sales for products similar to yours on the Amazon marketplace. This data will allow you to optimize your marketing efforts according to your knowledge of exactly which ones are boosting both clicks and conversions alike.

No Need To Be Tech-Savvy

You can now access important information about your competitors, products, and customer demographics with just a few clicks. Amazon Brand Analytics makes it easy for anyone who wants to understand how they compare against other brands or find out what people are searching for when looking at similar items on amazon, all without having any technical knowledge!


Amazon’s search analytics can be extremely beneficial for improving your product sales on the platform. The program is free to use and doesn’t require any monetary investment, making it a valuable tool for business owners of all sizes.

In order to take advantage of Amazon’s Search Analytics, you must be eligible for Brand Analytics. Once you have access to ABA, you can start using the data to increase traffic with keyword optimization, select the best marketing strategy, understand customer behavior in-depth, and more.

If you want unrestricted access to vital information that can help improve your product sales or Amazon product photography, then make sure to become an Amazon-registered Brand TODAY!

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