How To Effectively Manage And Maintain Your Email List

Effectively Manage and Maintain Your Email List and avoid email spam filters

Even in the modern era, where new marketing tools like SMM are gaining popularity and being used by every size of the firm, there is one traditional marketing technique that has not lost its value and is known by the name of email marketing.

Even in the current era, with so many marketing options, email marketing tops the list when it comes down to ROI, and this is why so many firms still rely on email marketing for better results. But just realizing the benefits of email marketing won’t be enough as you will have to make sure that your email marketing campaign is relying on a strong and loyal list. And if you are looking forward to having that type of ideal email marketing lists, then you will have to start working on management and maintenance of the email list for sale that you already have.

There are 5 main tips that you will need to incorporate in your management and maintenance strategy for an email list for sale. By using these tips, you will be able to keep your recipients happy with the information they will be receiving, and that’s why these tips are crucial for the success of your firm.


One of the most important things that you will have to focus on will be segmentation, and you should know that email marketing database segmentation is similar to customer segmentation where you categorize contacts on the basis of demographics, geography, purchasing behaviour, and many other factors.

A proper segmentation will allow you to target the contacts in the email marketing database in a more personalized way. Thus the chances of your email being opened by the recipient will increase by many folds. You can use different parameters for segmentation as these parameters vary from company to company and, in some cases, industry to industry.

Analyzing the email list regularly

To keep your email list relevant for a long period of time, you will have to make sure that you are maintaining data hygiene properly. If you do not clean your data on a regular basis, then your emails will never reach even in the inbox of your recipient, and even if they reach, they will hold no value to the recipient.

While analyzing the email list that you have, you will need to remove duplicate contacts, update information about contacts, re-engage with unresponsive contacts, and fix typos as well.

Re-engaging old contacts

After you have gone through a list of incorrect, missing, and outdated emails, you will be left with strong email marketing lists, but still, there is more to do. You will surely have many unengaged contacts in your list, and unengaged contacts will have a valid email address and are still subscribed but don’t open your emails.

Well, you will have many options to deal with such contacts, but the best approach will be to re-engage with these contacts. You should know that re-engaging campaigns are one of the best ways to reignite the lost interest of the contact in your firm and in your product as well.

Decide upon a frequency

If you go by the research conducted by MarketingSherpa then you will come to know that most of the people out there unsubscribe from the email list just because of the high frequency of emails they keep on receiving on a daily basis.

When you make it easy for all the people in your list to choose their own frequency, none of the recipients will unsubscribe from the newsletter, and you can again start feeling good about your marketing strategy. So, just give the option of setting the frequency of email a recipient will receive.

Make unsubscribing easy

If you are sending out emails on a regular basis and if you are not sure that all the people on the list are interested in your customer (which is the case in most of the campaigns since you can’t be 100% sure about every recipient on your list) then you will need to give an easy option to the recipient to opt-out from receiving any future emails.

Just because a customer is not interested in hearing from you right now, this doesn’t mean that there will be no future scope of re-engaging with that recipient. But you will ruin your chances of engaging with that customer again if you will not give an easy opt-out option. While designing the template and the content of the email, you should always put an unsubscribe button at the end of the email. This will make your email look genuine rather than spam.

Just owning an email list and sending out emails will never work for you, as you will also have to make sure that you are maintaining and managing the email list properly. Use the tips mentioned in this blog post and make the most of the email list owned by your company.

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