How to Find a Web Designer Perfect for Your Project?

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There’s no doubt that design is one of the most important aspects of a website. As a business website owner, you must know how significantly design contributes to engaging your audience and boosting conversions. Just refer to this stat; more than 30% of the visitors abandon a website if the design or content layout doesn’t look good. Therefore, staying on top of your WordPress website design is essential to stand out from the competition and boost your conversions. We’ll walk you through a rundown on how to find a web designer effectively in this read.

Let’s begin.

How to Find the Right Web Designer for Your Website?

Set Up A Realistic Budget and Look For A Designer Accordingly

First thing’s first; you need to set up a proper budget before you start looking for a web designer. Moreover, the budget should be realistic as there are two direct benefits of that.

First, setting up a realistic budget beforehand would help you quickly target the type of designer you want, and secondly, this would significantly pace up the process.

Different designers have different pricing plans based on your expectations from the design and the type of website you’re creating.

For an average website design, a designer may charge you somewhere around $80. Though, this figure may vary.

Also, the type of designer you get heavily depends upon your budget.

Here’s an in-depth idea of the types of designers you can get

Freelancers (If you’re On a Tight Budget)

Freelancers are the cheapest option that you can find in the market. If you’re low on budget or a newer company, then freelancers are the best suit for you, considering their charges.

However, there are two major setbacks to hiring freelancers.

Firstly, these guys are usually located remotely in different time zones; therefore, communication is a vast disadvantage associated with freelancing. And secondly, the result is never guaranteed, which means you can never bet on the outcome until the design is delivered to you. In simpler words, it’s your luck, whether it was top-notch or pathetic.

Although freelancers are very economical, we’d recommend you to look for newer companies in the market as there’s a high chance that they’ll offer a competitive price for their services.

An average freelancer would charge you somewhere between $15 – $23 per hour for reference.

Web Design Agencies (If Budget Isn’t a Problem)

By far, the best option is to go for a website design agency. However, it is worth remembering that agencies do not cost as cheap as freelancers. Therefore, you need to have a better budget when planning to hire a website design agency.

The direct benefit of hiring an agency is that you’ll get a dedicated team of designers working on your project only. Therefore, the work here is done comparatively much quicker and streamlined than freelancers.

Moreover, people working on your website are skilled professionals; therefore, you can expect good results.

On average, a website design agency may cost you somewhere between $45 – $75 per hour.

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  1. Check out the Portfolio

Before deciding which company to choose, taking a close look at their portfolio is a must.

Some companies would quote you high prices for their services, which doesn’t mean their work quality is up to the mark.

By looking at their portfolio, you can quickly determine whether or not they’re worth the price.

Moreover, the company’s portfolio would also help you find out whether the company has previously worked with your industry or not. There’s a risk even if a company has a great portfolio but hasn’t worked on the same projects like yours.

A great practice is to compare all the companies you’re considering and choose the one with the most experience with the same industry as yours.

  1. Testimonials Are a Must

Find the web designer that has proven himself in the past. While the quality of services plays an integral role, its experience with its previous clients is equally important.

By reading and watching testimonials, you’ll have a clear idea of whether the previous clients were satisfied with the company. Moreover, you’ll get clear insights into other essential aspects, such as how good the company is in communications and delivery.

Note that you’ll have to work with these companies in the long term; therefore, if you miss out on any of these details, you might end up hiring a company with poor communication and no timely deliveries.

  1. Don’t Hesitate When Asking Questions.

While the term web designing sounds relatively straightforward, you’re going to face much technical jargon along the way. Therefore, don’t hesitate when asking these companies about their processes and terminologies.

Again, you will work with these guys on long terms and pay a handsome amount; therefore, you shouldn’t fall for vague promises and technical representations.

Wrap Up

Website designing may sound quite simple, but it is a sophisticated process with too much going on at once. Therefore, you need to be precise when investing your money in designers because you can fall prey to severe heartburn if you don’t. We hope these tips will help you find a web designer that will perfectly fit your needs.


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