How Video Content Makes Social Media Marketing More Effective

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If you go to Instagram and check out a business page with millions of followers, you will find how versatile their marketing has been in the past few years. These big brands no longer do the text and image trick anymore. Instead, they are all over the Reels and IGTV to promote their brand in a futuristic manner. Why? Video content is the new king/queen, and if you are into business or marketing, you cannot skip video production. The days when marketers posted the same images across social media with extended captions and gradually increased their reach is long gone. 

Today, a single viral video can bring thousands of followers and lead to your page in no time. The ability to move the social media account from nowhere to a brand is why videos are used for social media marketing. Let’s look at the insights to understand how effective videos are on social media.


More than 54% of marketers say that video is the most beneficial content type for acquiring social media marketing goals. 

93% of businesses have gained new customers via social media videos, and 91% of marketers are happy with the ROI positive result that social media brought for their brand. 

62% of people express increased interest in a product after viewing a related Facebook video. Videos get more than 48% more views on social media as compared to images and text (The Marketing Helpline)

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What is Video Marketing  

Now that you know why social media needs videos, you must understand how video marketing works

Video marketing involves video creation and promotion to tell a brand’s story, product features, and spread awareness to get traffic and leads. Video marketing conveys a brand’s message in an informative yet entertaining manner to keep the audience engaged and interested. 

The goal is to make shareable videos that can be optimized to bring more leads and conversion. In 2022, more than 82% of all traffic will be achieved from video content. 

As people willingly use video content in their schedule, companies diversify their social media marketing by using different types of videos, whether social media explainer videos or how-to tutorials, to get as many visitors as possible.

How Videos Work for Social Media Marketing 

There are hundreds of reasons businesses need to choose video marketing on social media. Here are a few ways video content works for companies to bring multiple business opportunities on social media.

You Can Reach New People

Social media allows brands to reach millions and billions of people with relevant and engaging content. If you are posting a video that educates and informs the users, it will get viral in no time, and people from all over the world will watch it. 

The exposure that video content brings to your business is huge, and small businesses can make the most out of this exposure to convert audiences into clients. Reaching new customers has become easier than ever with videos on social media, as everybody is sharing videos here and there. 

So, social media videos are the best solution to spread brand awareness and get people to notice your products.

Social Media Popularity

Social media is undoubtedly the favorite pastime of our generation, and with increasing video content, the time spent on social media channels also increased. 

Since 2018, studies have seen a drastic change in the percentage of consumers wanting more video content from the brands they support. 

Since then, video content has never seen a drawback. According to our Social Media Week report, 78% of users watch videos every week, and 55% every day. Furthermore, 54% of buyers want to watch more video content every year. 

These stats were back when the pandemic hit, and the impact of the pandemic doubled the video consumption pattern. 

Now that consumers are demanding more video content across social media, brands are expected to create fun, entertaining, and educating videos.

Video Connects with Stories & Emotions

Another important factor of using videos on social media is that videos can emotionally connect with the audience. Stories that inspire and educate consumers are easily shared online, and that’s when companies get the chance to build a loyal base of interested audiences. 

So if you want to get more than conversion and ROI and look forward to touching the audience as a brand, your videos should be based on connection and storytelling. 

In simple words, the audience wants to know about a brand’s journey, and showcasing the back story, company culture, the sustainable product can help create a deeper connection within the community. Plus, it is great for awareness and recall practices.

Performance Measurements & Use Metrics Help in Marketing

The best thing about social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is that they offer tools to get better reach every day. As a result, you always have a chance to revamp the entire video marketing strategy by using in-depth user metrics and analytics tools.

Not only are these tools great to measure your performance of specific video content, but with the target features, locations, and interests-based targeting, you can find exactly the kind of people who can turn into customers and followers.

Businesses can instantly use powerful insights to create content that gets shares and likes. For instance, you can understand who watched your video and send emails to attract them to your website or know at what time your audience was more available to watch the video. 

Brings Higher Conversions & ROI 

While every company is dedicating a budget for getting conversion and leads, video marketing makes the goal easier in the most effective way. If done probably, video marketing leads to ROI positive outcomes that are directly observable. 

All you need is to put in the efforts while brainstorming content ideas and provide the information users are looking for. For example, suppose buyers cannot understand your product or service due to its being complex. 

Then you can post an animated explainer video with a clear message that will make them understand the concept behind that product. Later on, you will see how quickly they visit your website to explore your business. 

Whatever your goals are, pay attention to the video marketing done by other brands and how video played a role in their success. Then, when you create a video marketing funnel, you can get more conversions with multiple marketing tools and analytics.

Video Trends Make Marketing Easy

There is a new trend on social media every day, allowing video creators to come up with something more fun and get exposure faster. 

In addition, social media algorithms enable businesses to use the latest trends and create relevant content based on their product or services. For example, if an Instagram reel audio gets viral, people usually use the same audio to create different reels to get more likes and followers.

These real-time techniques help small businesses to become a part of the community using trending audio, hashtags, and even video types. Such trending videos can take you to reach beyond imagination, which is what you want for your business.

Youth Loves Social media.

Millennials and Gen Z are the new target audience of marketers worldwide as they make up more than half of the entire social media audience.

They are not easily convinced to buy something from a random business, but they are smart enough to get swayed by excellent advertisements and rare information. So, the more you focus on getting their attention, the better your business marketing results get. 

In a report by CNBC, an average Gen Z user spends around 3.4 hours a day watching videos online. So, you have a vast opportunity to future-proof your marketing by leveraging videos on social media.

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Most Popular Types of Social Media Videos

There are multiple social media videos that you will find helpful in your business marketing. To find the most effective ones, you need to experiment with the categories relevant to your business. 

From explainers, testimonials, tutorials to live sessions, and Instagram reels, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, you can always go with the most recommended ones.

Brand Awareness Videos

Brand videos are specially created to display what your business does. Primarily used on Facebook and LinkedIn, these videos showcase your vision, mission, and offerings shortly and interactively. 

Live Sessions

Brands that choose to interact with their customers are the ones who always stay a step ahead of competitors. Live sessions boost credibility and trust, allowing customers to directly ask questions and find solutions from people who created the product or service themselves. 

It works like FAQ but in a more effective manner. So, if you want to make your live sessions successful, an announcement post ad will give you a good start.

Testimonials or Reviews

Social media is the most prominent platform to showcase positive feedback and client testimonials to potential customers. Just like the case studies, testimonials are an asset to your business, helping other people make a purchase decision. 

Many brands choose to post customer testimonials and feedback every week to increase conversion via social media.

Informational Videos

Informational videos can either be explainers, how-to, or a simple product demo video to educate the audience about a specific product or service. These videos take time and effort to find the best graphics and storyline, as social media users have a pretty short attention span. 

However, a minute explainer with the right tone can grab the attention of your target audience if done correctly.

Here is How to Create Effective Videos for Social Media Marketing 

Now you know how videos can influence your social media marketing in 2022. To create an effective social media video marketing strategy, you can follow the given steps.

Try to Interact with Your Audience

Focus on making videos that people find relatable and share within their circles. Choose the most trending stuff and let your creatives do the rest. Host a live chat session frequently to get an idea of what people like and how they react to your business. 

Choose Your Platforms

The success of your video marketing does not depend on posting everywhere. You need to find the best social media space that offers video creation features and promotes various video formats such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube. Begin with the most popular ones and target billions of people with videos.

Content Production Strategy

Before jumping on the video creation part, you must have a carefully created production strategy to save time and money. Then, from creating a script to post-production, you need to find the right resources, whether through an agency or in-house team and equipment. 

Identify what your marketing team needs and get it all ready before you give a deadline.

SEO your content

Social media channels also promote content that includes the right keywords, relevant titles, and meta tags. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize your video description and increase the number of views without even promoting the content. Once you understand how social media algorithm works, there is no going back.

Keep Your Video Short & Sweet

Apart from being information with an emotional touch, your video should also be as short as possible. There is a reason why Reels work better than IGTV videos. Do not underestimate the first 10 seconds of the video as they will decide if the customer will watch the rest of the video or not.

Use In-depth Targeting

While promoting videos on social media, use the in-depth targeting tool by social media platforms, be it Instagram or YouTube. By choosing the right location and interest-based target, the chances of getting leads to get higher, and your ads reach the right people.

Convert With CTAs

Call-to-action is the overall summary of your entire social media marketing. If your viewer misses the chance to click on the link or visit your website through CTAs, the purpose of most of your videos will not be fulfilled. 

Hence, keep an entire section free for effective CTAs like downloading our brochure, filling out the form, getting special discounts, and more.

Over to You

Now you know everything about social media videos and how they can add numbers to your business. All it takes is a great marketing team and the right resources to get the job done. 

Companies can handle all the burden from start to finish for businesses that cannot hire an entire video production team and get equipment, online tools, and video production.

Furthermore, the key to effective social media marketing is finding ideas and creating engaging videos that beat the thousands of videos in a similar category. 

Therefore, you must focus on brainstorming ideas and write everything down to get to the heart of your potential customers. Then, think like a buyer while writing a video script and bring your ideas to life.

Author’s Bio

Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.