The Importance of Infographics in Digital Marketing

Hundreds of millions of pieces of data are being shared every day. Whether it be a tweet, a video, a wire transfer, or just a news article, the Internet is constantly being filled with new information. As a digital marketer, you wouldn’t like to be just another drop of water in this sea of knowledge. It is of great importance to be recognizable, to attract attention, and to be heard. Maybe you have already asked yourself how to become better at that? Truth be told, it is pretty simple. There is one almighty term that comes across the mouths of every successful digital marketer – infographics. Infographics in digital marketing can serve multiple purposes and will become your strongest tool in spreading your word around. 

Why Should You Start Using Infographics in Digital Marketing?

First of all, an infographic changes the way we approach information. It represents a clean, curated, and organized way of presenting important bits and pieces of data you want to put forward.

As humans, we communicate better with information that is presented to us visually. Pure text forms may attract passionate readers, but not everyone is willing to read through long lines of text. By putting up text, images, and other appealing visual elements together, new knowledge is much more likely to stay in someone’s mind.   

Best of all, the use of infographics doesn’t stop there. So, let’s dive into the most important benefits visualized information can provide to your business and your brand. 

Attracting More Attention

Human beings are often called visual beings, and by that, it means that 90% of the information we encounter goes into our brains as a visual component. 

Many businesses use social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, which allow them to communicate with audiences through pictures. And on these platforms, the visual presentation is key to keeping your followers’ attention.

Another significant fact is being aware that the attention span of a casual social media user is not that long. So, by demonstrating useful data through charts, graphs, or any other graphic means, you can communicate with your audience efficiently and help them understand the information much more easily. 

Viral Content Potential

Spreading your word around is hard enough by itself, but getting noticed is even more challenging. The main reason why you should consider creating more graphic content is that it can skyrocket your brand in no time.

Recent research has found that graphic, personalized content brings 94% more views than textual ones. Another study shows that tweets including infographics are 832% more likely to be retweeted than text-based ones. 

Avid social media users tend to share and/or save useful information they find online. So why not provide your audience or fellow businessmen content they can easily share with their own followers?

Better Understanding of the Provided Content

Around 67% of online customers have more respect for a concise visual representation of information than bland text content. In that sense, a well-constructed infographic can contribute to establishing a better understanding of the ideas and information you want to provide. 

Still, not all infographics are made in the same manner. The best ones are made by professionals who are ready to research and devote all of their knowledge to creating visual substitutes for textual content. 

Building Brand Awareness

When creating infographics in digital marketing, you want to stay true to your brand. Think about your brand colors, logo, fonts, and places people can find you. Implementing all of these elements will make your infographics recognizable. When people start resharing them, they will attract new users to your community.

infographics in digital marketing

Proving Expertise

Publishing reliable content and relevant data can establish you as a well-known expert in your field of work. This is especially true if you rely on valuable, thoroughly researched, and true information. 

Sticking to examining useful tips and beneficial methods of work, you will develop trust with your audience. And when people trust you, they will come back to you whenever they are in doubt or want to find out something they are curious about.

Improving Your SEO 

For search engines to rank your website higher, consider having linkable assets on it. An effective link-building campaign can go much further than guest blogging, and that’s when infographics jump in to help.

Good social traction is what you can expect when you create fresh and useful infographics. People will embed them on their WordPress websites, social media, or even ask you to use them for their blog posts. When so, just make sure they connect back to your website, as that is a vital factor of a good backlinking campaign.

Tip: For an infographic to become an applicable asset in search results, add a title, metadata, and description to its components. 

Keeping Visitors on Your Page

Implementing infographics in digital marketing doesn’t only create inbound links. It also affects stick rates. With higher stick rates, web crawlers will find your content important and thus encourage better site rankings. 

When intrigued by content, visitors will want to do more than just skim through. They will start going through other pages on your website or start reading your blog to fulfill their needs. All of these actions provide crawlers with the knowledge that your website is trustworthy and valuable. 

Serving as an Electronic Assurance

Due to its visual format, infographics are often utilized as digital flyers, newsletter brochures, or white papers. Moreover, they tend to become a crucial part of the company’s overall marketing strategy. 

Whichever way the digitalization goes next, these traditional ways of marketing will always have the potential to convey information in its best form. 


As you can see, infographics in digital marketing are much more than just an appealing asset. This combination of well-put-together information can become your most valuable content in the online world, as it is shareable and easy to understand.  

Not only will they improve user engagement, but they will also affect your SEO score positively, helping in a better ranking on the Web. Producing these vital pieces of every digital marketing strategy may be an investment, but it surely pays off in the long run.


Author’s bio:

Ellie Northcott is a long-time marketer, currently working as a freelancer in Miami, Florida.

Editor at Find Digital Agency.

She is also a passionate writer and loves to explore new, innovative and digital news.

In her spare time, she is an eco-activist.