Web Design and UI Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

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It’s a known fact that the world of web design and UI is constantly evolving. By adding new, interactive, and intriguing elements, web designers are always trying to keep up with trends and reach wider audiences. When it comes to new elements in web design, we can certainly expect more innovative ideas, modern aesthetics, as well as getting back to classics. Overall, web design and user experience are becoming more attractive than ever, which is why we’ll present a few trends to keep an eye on in 2022. Let’s see some ideas you use to improve your online presence and make it stand out.

3D illustrations

3D technologies are not new, but their influence on web design is stronger than ever. When it comes to checking out new online content, people’s attention span is definitely getting shorter. This is why 3D illustrations are becoming one of the biggest trends in 2022. In order to become eye-catching, home pages and interactive design are now heavily relying on 3D animations, and the reason is quite simple. Moving, life-like images and animations proved to be the best way to keep the viewer’s attention. In the e-commerce world, selling a product or a service has become more challenging than ever, which is why 3D illustrations can be the best way to describe products.

When looking for 3D illustrations, web designers are considering a wide range of themes. Things like fun cartoons, nature-inspired elements, and interactive designs seem to be the most popular in 2022. Moving, life-like illustrations make a bigger impact on the viewers than simple images, which is why the most successful websites rely on 3D designs and illustrations.

Realistic elements and objects

Just like animated illustrations, realistic objects can become an attractive part of web design. For example, promoting a business related to health or fitness, you should want the audience to take you seriously. Presenting realistic images of products might seem like a last-year idea, but it can be as effective as a 3D illustration. Moreover, products that are known for their memorable packaging can look more authentic as realistic objects on the web page.

When applying this web design trend, best eCommerce development companies usually separate the image of the product and combine it with animation or an appealing background photo. After all, who says that classic solutions can’t be the best ones?

cgi window and bubbles
Image by yousef kaldas from Pixabay

CGI graphics

It’s not only the movie industry that relies on CGI graphics. In the world of web design, video marketing and UI, this technique has become one of the most popular in 2022. Websites that require direct interaction from viewers can benefit in many ways from CGI graphics. These solutions can bring complex web designs perfect for companies that promote innovation. High-end technology is certainly not the cheapest one, but it can bring a sophisticated, expensive-looking web design.

Feel-good visuals

Innovative solutions in web design and UI don’t always have to be complicated and expensive. A good design idea has to follow the trends of 2022. And those trends are, undoubtedly, related to a healthy lifestyle. Visuals that make viewers feel good and comfortable can be more appealing than a spacey, modern 3D illustration. The ongoing pandemic made health-related brands more popular. The visual elements of nature, family, comfort, and feeling good are some of the biggest trends in web design in 2022. In other words, viewers are now looking for web design ideas that make them feel good and comfortable.

If you are running an online business related to health, fitness, or overall lifestyle, make sure your web design reflects a safe and comforting image. Home decorations, natural earthy colors, and warm ambient can be a great idea. If you are looking for some feel-good web design solutions, make sure to avoid using vivid colors and stronger shapes. Instead, you can turn to naturalistic-looking elements that look more comforting. Pastel colors, shades of green, gray, and beige can all be great for this web design theme.

Tell a story by “scrollytelling”

It might seem like wordplay, but “scorllytelling” is the actual trend in web design and UI. Every brand is looking for ways to tell its story, and what better way to do so than by creating an interactive website interface? 

Out of all the web designs we mentioned, “scrollytelling” (or narrative visualization) is probably the best way to create a web page that people will interact with. Simply put, a viewer needs to scroll down the page in order to understand the story behind a brand or a product. On one hand, this type of web design is interactive and requires more time spend on the page. On the other, “scrollytelling” is usually made with captivating visual elements. For brands that want to tell their story, this type of narrative can be the smartest way to do so.

Besides the visual aspects of this design, we should mention the story-telling part of it. Making the audience scroll down the page is an efficient way branding agencies use to present the chronology of your brand’s story.  How it all began, what your company’s goals are, and why the viewer should pick your brand are just some questions you can answer. Instead of looking for information on different web pages, your audience can learn everything they need just by reading the story on the same page.  


Keeping up with web design and UI trends is not an easy job, since there is no recipe for succeeding in the world of online business. If you are looking for the best web design solution for your online presence, make sure to discuss different ideas with your team. For some, modern technology can bring the innovation their brand is striving for. But for others, a simple, feel-good design solution can be a better solution. Hopefully, our guide gave you some food for thought and helped you think of the best ideas for your new website design.