What is the Honeycomb Model in Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing consists of numerous different marketing approaches and models. The one that stands out from others due to its particular and well-planned formation is the honeycomb model. In the article down below, you will get to read all about how this model works, as well as the characteristics of its seven sections. 

What is the honeycomb model?

The honeycomb model is all about what happens behind the scene of digital marketing. It refers to a method of setting and laying out the basics of social media ecology. This specific digital marketing formation works through seven separate blocks or sections. Together they make up the entirety of the honeycomb formation. Each and every section is crucial for the whole structure to work properly. The seven sections of this model are: 

  • identity
  • conversations
  • sharing
  • presence
  • relationships
  • reputation
  • groups

In the following section of the article, we will be discussing each and every section separately and how they function within the field of digital marketing. 


Identity is one of the most crucial elements regarding the honeycomb model’s surface level. It is quite literally the first thing you get to see when you analyze this type of digital marketing method. In other words, it’s like a label on a tin. 

Identity tells you all you need to know about the target audience. Who is the target audience? What is the dominant demographic? What are their age, gender, and nationality? Identity reveals all of this and more. The extension of this set of information also includes basic information about the audience’s interests. This can consist of their hobbies, sports, and other activities they are interested in.

This kind of set of information is of great importance since it teaches you how to reach and interact with your audience. The data you collect on your target audience guides you towards a better understanding of your customers. As a result, you are able to meet the customers’ needs and offer what they’re looking for exactly. 

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Conversations are also often seen as a form of “social listening.” This section of the honeycomb model refers to the company’s communication with the audience. It is extremely important for any online company to have well-developed communication with its customers. This means that you need to be able to take in all kinds of feedback from your customers and let them know that their voice is heard. By showing them an appreciation for their valuable feedback, you are showing your customers that you care about their satisfaction with your products and the overall services your company provides. 


Social media, especially when used for digital marketing, relies on sharing more than anything else. Your goal should be to reach a higher level of brand awareness and attract more customers. To bridge this gap between your already existing customers and potential new customers, it’s essential that you know how to get the word out. Whether this will be through your loyal customers who are sharing your content or through social media influencers. 


When we say presence is also essential, we mean this in two possible ways. First and foremost, your company needs to be present and visible on as many social media platforms as possible. Not only does this help you reach a wider audience, but it can also help you diversify your audience. Instead of just focusing on one target group that uses only Instagram, you can reach various groups of different customers. All you need to do is have an online presence and be consistent with the content you put out.

Other than this, online presence also points to how present you are in your day-to-day communication with your customers. Make sure they can reach you through various forms of contact. You can allow your customers to reach you via email, Instagram DMs, Twitter, and other mediums. 


The relationship section of the honeycomb model focuses both on the relationship between the company and the customers as well as the relationship between the customers. Are your customers complete strangers? Is there a way for them to connect and share their experiences and discuss their purchases? All of these help build a stronger community and a bond between the customers and the company they choose to put their trust in. The goal of every successful online business is to encourage interactions between their customers and build strong relationships that will last for a long time. 

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One of the biggest goals of digital marketing altogether is for a company to build a name and recognition for itself. The aim is to send a message across and reach as many people as possible. However, quality matters even more than quantity.

As such, your company’s reputation on social media can either make or break your sales and overall online popularity. For that reason, it is important that you research the social media platforms you will be using for your business. Additionally, you should try tracking your analytics on social media platforms that you use to see how well your content is doing. For instance, Instagram has its own specific algorithm that can provide you with valuable insight into how much interaction your posts are getting on average. 


Lastly, your audience can be divided into smaller groups or subcategories based on their interests. The honeycomb model takes these categories into consideration when it comes to overall interaction with the audience. It can be highly beneficial to research all of these groups individually. That way, you can better understand your customers individually as well as their needs. 


To summarize, the honeycomb model in digital marketing works in seven separate sections. All of these sections combined function together in order to help your company grow both in its number of customers and its sales. If you learn how to perfect this digital marketing model, your company will start seeing excellent results within a relatively short amount of time.